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Fun Soccer Videos

The following are links to inspiring Soccer videos.  

Warning!: The Wayne Soccer Club does not host or manage these files and as with any Internet videos, please use parental discretion when using these links.  Most have great high-energy music to get you pumped up!                                     


Comic Soccer 

This is hysterical! *

Awesome Indoor Soccer skills  

(uncensored version of Lean Back audio)

Unbelievable Skills

Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Riquelme, Denilson, R Carlos, Zidane, Seedorf, 

Ronaldinho Wow


Amazing Free Kicks Goals and Skills

Unbelievable spins & curves!

Best Free Kicks Goals

Robrto Carlos, Beckham, Zidane, Ronaldinho, Adriano, Henry and many other players who score free kicks.

Best Goals of 04/05

The best players in the world with their best goals

Best Soccer Moments Ever

Soccer at it’s Best


(uncensored audio) *

Ronaldinho Godsend

Compilation of Ronaldinho *

Soccer Moves

* note: youtube.com changes their links regularly so users have to browse their website.  If you have problems loading videos simply go to youtube.com and search for the name above the description (ex: Ronaldinho Godsend)

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